Are you hearing the dreaded grinding sound coming from your brakes? It may be time to have them checked. If a brake light is lit up, it's also time to have your brakes checked. Our experienced technicians can work on all makes and models of vehicles and offer repair services for disc brakes, drum brakes, and rotors. If you need shuttle service to and from work while your vehicle is being serviced, Gearhart's Garage is the place to visit.

Take your car to Gearhart's Garage for brakes

We have experience repairing all makes and models of vehicles, including RVs.

- Air conditioning

- Electrical repair

- Wiring

- Starters

- Alternators

- Tune-ups

- Smog checks

Brake service and repair

Our car and

RV repair services:

Gearhart's Garage has been a first rate facility since 1960. We have 8 bays in our garage, which allows us to repair several cars and RVs at once, making your repair work go faster. We've remained committed to exceptional customer service and maintaining reasonable prices for your repairs. Our repairs come with a minimum 12-month and 12,000-mile parts and labor warranty.

Large garage lessens your wait for repairs

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